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Link Gumbo: Mekhi was a Menace

There are bright spots from this game. And thank God for Clemson

LSU v Florida State
This man was our best player on the field
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Folks. Mekhi Wingo Popped during live game watching and even more in highlights. My word. There is an argument he was our best player in the game. Which is nice, but also not really, we want that to be more on the offensive side from our QB.

And how many former Tigers chimed in on the number 7? Getting some deep cuts in saying that is not a good sign if our O Lineman is winning that prestigious number.

We saw mass changes after the last opener, I would like to see some myself. Aaron Anderson didn’t earn this, but I want to see more than 6 snaps from him on the field. He is too dynamic and we need it. I also really want to see if we get a pop at RB if our two probable starters return from probable status.

What I can’t get over is our secondary. That is hard to hide. If we face teams that get the ball out quickly to playmakers it will negate our advantage in the trenches and nullify whatever we want to do with Perkins.

We want to be one of the brands that drive this, but we will lose our spot if we don’t carry our end of the bargain by winning these

FSU vs. LSU was ESPN’s second-most watched Sunday Labor Day game on record (

This is written from an FSU perspective in terms of chest bumping, but the draw came from their match up with LSU. It’s not fun to witness a loss, but the reaction from their fan base let’s us know that we still stand in a high place when it comes to credibility as a program.

Broken down, this is still stunning

LSU had just seven starters back from last year’s opener | LSU |

It is such a dichotomy for me. On paper we return stars, but also on paper we are missing starters as well. Special teams still show this massive void, we are still behind significantly on bodies and overall roster talent. If you start with 39 and add 30 you are still down more than 20 players that you need for depth. We still have bodies, we need players. We are still walking the line of putting our best players on special teams. I am not making excuses, but it does not matter how dynamic Anderson is (catch the ball first amigo) if he has nowhere to run because we can’t set lanes for him. It is going to take two more years of elite recruiting to get back to the depth we need, like it or not. That includes batting over .800 on transfers we take as well.

Red Zone Efficiency allowed the story to change in that game

LSU’s inability to score in red zone was key in loss to FSU | LSU |

Imagine how different the game would have looked if we converted points every time we went to the Red Zone? This is truthfully an area we should excel in with the TE, Slot, and QB running threats that we have. But I strongly believe FSU wrung away any respect for our running game. They bottled it up, took away a dimension and threat in the red zone, and keyed at all costs on Daniels feet. And JD made a measly debut in this game with passing in tight zones. We wanted back shoulders that are impossible to defend, but you have to be 100% on the same page with receiver, especially if you are going to put the zip he does on those. This game has a different tune if we start with two TDs on our first two trips down there, the problem was we broke the guitar string and the song that went with the touchdown dance had no chance.