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LSU vs. Grambling: Who to Watch For

Who should we hope to see get some reps Saturday?

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Let’s face it: LSU vs. Grambling is not an enticing matchup. Yes LSU needs to pick themselves back up off the mat after getting walloped by Florida State, and with all due respect a team like Grambling is just what the doctor ordered.

LSU could win Saturday 100-0 but, as Shania Twain famously sang, that don’t impress me much. But changes are (hopefully) a comin’ with strategy and playing time so below I’m listing off guys who did not play last week that will hopefully get their opportunity Saturday.

Chris Hilton and Shelton Sampson

Hilton has world class speed but hasn’t been able to overcome injuries throughout his first three years in Baton Rouge; Sampson is a true freshman from right down the road. LSU was victimized by some killer drops Sunday night, should it happen again I think it would behoove LSU to get some other guys reps. Namely these two.

Zalance Heard

Does history repeat itself? A year ago LSU’s offensive line got whipped up on by Florida State, and against Southern Emery Jones got his shot. He played well, earned the starting right tackle job the following week against Mississippi State and that was that. Could we see the same thing happen in 2023 with prized five-star recruit Lance Heard? Jones is naturally a guard, could he kick inside to right guard and open the door for Heard to play right tackle? It’s worth a look.

Dashawn Womack

Speaking of prized recruits, I’d love to see five-star Dashawn Womack make his LSU debut Saturday against Grambling.

Denver Harris

The long strange trek that is Denver Harris’s LSU career took another turn as Brian Kelly confirmed Harris is “available” Saturday. What does that mean specifically? Who knows. But if secondary is going to be...well we all saw what happened against Keon Coleman then Brian Kelly owes it to his team to exhaust every single option he has on the roster and from a sheer talent persepctive Harris is the best corner he’s got. Let’s see what he’s got.

So those are my guys I’m hoping to get some run Saturday, who are you hoping to see?