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Link Gumbo: Get right game? Nah, it’s get things established game

Let’s get back to that gravy train on biscuit wheels

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 03 Camping World Kickoff - LSU vs Florida State
Major Burns getting majorly burned
Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Running game and how we look in zone defense. Those are my two themes for watching this weekend on ESPN the Ocho SEC network plus plus.

And what will it look like with Wingo and Maason lined up over the interior. My word. And if the next level says Perkin’s body type reflects the mold of a middle linebacker then tell the next level to watch Micah Parsons.

I see Daniels chucking some deep balls just to placate the naysayers. And he should, because he should have plenty of time in the pocket.

Just be deliberate with the reps provided, just take full advantage of the opportunity, so that we can build depth by giving reps to the second and third options as the game moves along.

Sounds like Emery isn’t coming back until week 3 or 4 so somebody will have to grab the reigns here

Why LSU’s Tre Bradford is finally ready to contribute | LSU |

I’m kinda getting over the “ready to contribute” and “ready to shine” pieces. We absolutely need a change of pace back, a true threat to beat folks to the edge. We already have a plethora of interior short yardage hammers.

I actually expect this to make a marked difference;

If we can slide Emory to the interior and Zalance can prove to be the run grader I think he is then it’s a whooooooole new dynamic

We will need all the Jaboree’s we can get

Jaboree Antoine, nation’s No. 3 cornerback, visiting LSU this weekend (

He’s local. He’s athletic. And he chose the Grambling game which is a big sign that he just loves Louisiana.

Seems like a positive thing, no?

Just stay healthy Tigahs. Stack positive plays. Show the blitz works. But make us feel better after watching you in base sets the majority of the game