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Link Gumbo: New Year, New Vibes

If you can win Louisiana, you can win at LSU

NCAA Football: ReliaQuest Bowl-Wisconsin at Louisiana State
Look up Reliaquest. IT sounds dastardly.
Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Well welll welllllll Podnuh.

Big news came out last night of Mckinley’s flip and commitment to the Tigers. Landing 9 of the top 10 players in the state any year is a major accomplishment. And according to most sites it is the first time it has been done.

A position of need. Given time to develop, and for some folks a change in perception of the class (which is in the top 4 in On3). It was awesome news to see while I was watching highlights of fireworks from all over the world (and let me tell ya Hong Kong wins it every time, and Auckland looks like it is terrified of Gun Powder).

When it comes to perception of the program in regards to the bowl game starting in 15 minutes, I still feel like the dude, letting this team abide. They are giving a lot of players some tape, they are saying they are going to give more minutes to young players as this doesn’t count towards their 4 game limit, and we are seeing a new OC with 3 weeks of prep. I expect some parts of the offense to turn into a slog fest, with a couple of fun moments.

I really hope everyone walks out healthy. That is truly my main hope. I am interested to see what the defense looks like, especially against the run. I am excited to see Nuss get two missiles on the outside, and the moonshots he is going to take for no reason on 3rd & 3.

But my overall outlook on the program won’t change much from the results of this game. It is the results of the upcoming few weeks with staff changes, recruiting battles and retention that will have my emotions fluctuating.

Let’s enjoy today and hopefully come out with some positives to carry over.

Two tickets to the Nuss Bus please

Just a massive get in multiple regards


Get him 23 yards on the 1st play and then get him off the field