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Link Gumbo: The Nuss Bus has some First Class accommodations

We got a win and walked out with only a few injuries. I will happily take it

NCAA Football: ReliaQuest Bowl-Wisconsin at Louisiana State
A Heisman winner cheers on a future Heisman candidate
Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports

The LSU defense is gonna get Tanner Mordecai drafted. And good for him, that dude was dealing. Yet somehow, the defense stopped them on 3 consecutive drives and properly defended a 4th down for all the marbles. I am happy for Wingo, his tape will show the NFL that he is recovered from his injuries and ready to roll.

And Rod Gilmore, tell me you haven’t seen LSUs defense when you constantly mention how athletic Wisconsin looks on offense lol.

That game played out perfectly. Enough evidence to show the defense needs a new direction. Malik breaking the record and getting the heck off the field. BTJ getting some good tape (but stay in bounds my guy). And all I can see right now is Diggs’ injury, which unfortunately looks serious and I hope results come back negative.

And the Wide Receivers. I don’t know if they intentionally added it to the script but it was next year’s primary options that lead us down the field for the 98 yard game winning drive. Hilton needs to develop but that dude looks like a speed merchant. And Lacy will still struggle against elite DBs, but the jump he made this year looks like it can compound into next year.

And folks, when Nuss got us into the goal line situation, shifted his receiver to the right side of the formation to set up a pick play for Thomas, all while leaving himself 2 seconds on the play clock...I logged into CarMax 7 sold my truck, cause this fella is relying on the Nuss Bus from here on out. Loaded some credits on the MTA card.

What a win. What a glimpse. What a reminder. What a fun way to start the new year.

Also, Bama lost.

“stole it from us”

What We Learned: LSU 35 Wisconsin 31 (

Yes Scott. It was a record on repeat

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I agree with all 3 of these

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Just a heads up folks, Malik started this, and we are gonna see it everywhere next year