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Breaking: Matt House Not Returning in 2024

Jimmy Lindsey, Robert Steeples, and Kerry Cooks are also reportedly being let go

It’s over.

As many had expected (hoped?) LSU is reportedly cleaning house—no pun intended—along the defensive side of the ball.

LSU defensive coordinator Matt House is being relieved of his duties, as is defensive line coach Jimmy Lindsey, cornerbacks coach Robert Steeples and safeties Kerry Cooks. Lonn Phillips had it first and then it was confirmed by national outlets.

“This morning, I met with Matt House, Kerry Cooks, Robert Steeples, and Jimmy Lindsey to inform them that they would not return to our coaching staff in 2024,” Brian Kelly said in his statement. “I want to thank each of these coaches for their work on behalf of our football program and our institution during their time here.”

First and foremost it needs to be said: I don’t want to celebrate people losing their jobs. House, Cooks, Steeples, and Lindsey are all human beings with families and now they have to uproot their lives.

That said this had to happen. House and company fielded quite literally the worst defense in LSU history and there was no way you could justify bringing that staff back. They gave up 706 yards to Ole Miss; they made Jalen Milroe look like a Heisman contender; they allowed a pedestrian Wisconsin offense to look lethal; they ranked 117th against the pass and 94th against the run, and if all that wasn’t enough:

They cost Jayden Daniels and this offense a championship.

Too little too late? Maybe. But Brian Kelly has shown he’s willing to make changes. He let go of Brian Polian last season, and now he’s making wholesale changes to his defensive staff.

Stay tuned as we speculate and monitor LSU’s coaching changes. A couple of names I’d look for to be the new DC: Jim Leonhard and former LSU linebackers coach Blake Baker.