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Harlem Berry Commits to LSU

Get to know LSU’s latest recruit with Whistle’s “No Days Off” segment

While there’s still about a month to go before the book is closed officially on the 2024 recruiting cycle, that’s not stopping LSU from getting a headstart on 2025.

Wednesday evening five-star running back Harlem Berry announced he would be committing to LSU. Berry is the No. 1 running back in America for this next cycle and preps right down the road at St. Martin’s in Metairie. Fittingly enough, Berry announced his commitment to LSU on the 10-year anniversary of Leonard Fournette announcing his commitment.

It’s still early of course, but LSU’s 2025 class is shaping up to be an awfully special one. LSU’s got the No. 1 running back in hand and let’s not forget they also have the No. 1 wide receiver, Duncanville’s Dakorien Moore committed as well. And oh by the way, 2025’s No. 1 overall prospect, Bryce Underwood, is expected to make his decision on Saturday and LSU’s the favorite to land the five-star quarterback.

And yet I was told Brian Kelly wouldn’t be able to recruit at LSU?

If you’re interested, our friends at Whistle profiled Berry and the work he puts in off the field to be that superstar prospect.