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Dawgs: Ranked


Tiger Band Tales: All Hail the Oreo

Need a new Saturday superstition? Try eating a double stuff Oreo

WATCH: Maason Smith Fields Punt


An ATVS Festivus Spectacular

The gang gets together to air our grievances

Let’s Rank a Bunch of Tigers

Good kitty

Poseur Ranks the World: Van Halen Albums

A tribute to the greatest guitarist who ever lived

I’m Worried Ole Miss Will Kill My Grandpa

John Rhys Plumlee please, he’s an old man

14 Activities Less Stressful Than Watching an LSU Men’s Basketball Game

This team pushes us to the edge so often we might as well live there

Tigers Celebrate Appropriately in the White House

By making another Get The Gat video

The Ten Funniest Moments from LSU’s Championship Season

We cried tears of joy as LSU hoisted the trophy, but let’s not forget the moments that made us cry tears of laughter

And the Valley Investigates: How Dabo Swinney Cusses

Yippe Ky-Yay Master Splinter!

LSU vs. Clemson is a Battle of Chicken Sandwiches

The greatest debate of 2019 has led us to this College Football Playoff final.

And The Valley Scripts: Santa Visits Ed Orgeron’s House On Christmas Eve

What did Santa bring Coach O? The thing he wants more than anything else...

And The Valley Scripts: Joe Burrow Moves Into The Heisman House

Burrow meets legends such as Marcus Allen, Steve Spurrier, Bo Jackson, Tim Tebow, and Johnny Manziel in an epic adventure presented by Nissan.

And The Valley Scripts: The Cajun Job

The untold story of how 15 pounds of crawfish changed the fate of LSU Football forever.

Playin’ “Nice” with Senator Blutarsky

Holy shit LSU is playing a game in December!!

Playin’ “Nice” with Arkansas Fight

We check in on the Razborbacks and oh God everything is on fire.

Playin’ “Nice” with Red Cup Rebellion


The Roasts of Mississippi: 2019

The past is never dead. It just had too many hard seltzers.

Every SEC Coach’s Halloween Costume and Candy They Hand Out

Football coaches trying to show a semblance of personality?.. Let’s see how this goes

Auburn Hates Dogs

An important PSA from Sarah McLachlan .

Oh Hey, It’s Auburn Week...

That means you need a yearly reminder.

And The Valley Scripts Presents Game Of Thrones Ep. 805: “The Cowbells”

Horrible violence and gratuitous nudity. This is HBO at its peak.

Has he landed yet?

Trying to think of what’s going on at State without Dan Mullen there anymore.

Florida Players Love...Dead Animals?

I used to think dead animals was a tragedy, but now Florida has shown me that it’s a comedy

Spurrier Definitely Uses Mullen’s Private Bathroom Every Day, Right?

David Wunderlich is back to answer some more questions for us.

Playin’ “Nice” with Utah State

Wait, LSU plays TWO Aggies this year??

2019 AFL Grand Final: What To Watch For

When It Is And Is Not Appropriate To Whistle

Definitely not at anything televised, that’s for sure.

Playin’ “Nice” with Anchor of Gold

Answering the most important questions you have about LSU’s next opponent.

How To Lose A Game In Ten Plays

Heartbroken Texas fan Matthew McConaughey breaks down ten plays that helped the Longhorns blow what could’ve been a huge win

And The Valley Scripts: ‘LSU v. Texas and The Battle For McConaughey’s Soul’

As Matthew McConaughey prepares to be the celebrity picker on College Gameday, his choice becomes even more complicated when he meets an old friend.


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