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"First, You make a Roux... ...Then, You Drink a Beer..."

LSU and Tailgating: Offering Solutions

Now that we talked about the problem, what can be done?

Tailgating: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Here are a few of our tailgate and gameday go-tos.

And The Valley Shook & DVA Tailgating Present: Tailgate Bangers

A celebration of the best tunes to play while plastered at 2:13 on a Saturday.

LSU, Tailgating, and the Attendance Problem

If we’re wondering why there are empty seats inside the stadium, maybe start looking outside of the stadium.

And the Valley Cooks: Jambalaya for Yankees

Louisiana cooking that can work for you anywhere.

And the Valley Cooks: Cajun Peas

There are some things that DO get better with peas.

And the Valley Cooks: Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

If you’re hosting for Mother’s Day this weekend, here’s a great side dish.

And the Valley Cooks: Shrimp Pasta with Lemon Brown Butter Sauce

A bright, tasty dish for a spring evening.

And the Valley Cooks: Boiled Crawfish

Time for a good ol' fashioned Louisiana crawfish boil...

And the Valley Cooks: Shrimp Creole

A New Orleans classic.

And the Valley Cooks: Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine

An easy way to class up a Saturday or Sunday dinner.

How to Pair Beer With King Cake

We ask the important question: what beer goes best with your king cake this Carnival season?

And the Valley Drinks: Wiseacre Gotta Getup To Get Down

Back in the saddle again with a little pick-me-up.

BEERFIGHT! Urban South Ca’Phe vs. Parish Rêve 

A battle of the best coffee stouts in Louisiana!

And the Valley Cooks: Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Yes, you read that correctly.

And the Valley Drinks: Southern Craft’s Murder Bean

New brew that’s on the lighter side of the darker side.

And the Valley Drinks: Tin Roof Manchado

Local brewers have a new stout that’s worth trying.

Stop Ruining Sweet Potatoes on Thanksgiving

No, really, stop it.

And the Valley Cooks: Thanksgiving

Here are a few recipes for changing up your Turkey day.

And the Valley Cooks: Arroz con Pollo

And the Valley Shook's Cookin' ATVS Style series takes a look at an old twist on Cajun Jambalaya with Arroz con Pollo y Abita Golden.

And the Valley Cooks: Rice

A staple of any southern kitchen.

And The Valley Drinks: Liger! A Tin Roof and Gnarly Barley Collaboration

Checking back on a week two special collaboration.

Gameday Fashion: Could Your Shoes Be Trying to Kill You?

Read inside to find out.

As the Valley Drinks: DFW Beer Guide

Ten beers from ten brewers to check out if you’re in the Metroplex Area for this weekend’s opener.

LSU’s Parking and Tailgating Rules and Changes for 2018

How to Tailgate: Don’t Shame My Whiskey Mixer, Bro

Folks, there is nothing wrong with simplicity.

The Art of Tailgate Cocktails

When it wins, it pours. And when it loses. It just pours a lot.

How to Tailgate: Beers List

We give you a list of local beers to put on your list for the upcoming season.

How to Eat the SEC

If you insist on making something edible your mascot, we have to oblige. This is all your own fault, really.

How to Tailgate: The Colour Purple

You will pay for your crimes against LSU Game Day fashion.

Tailgating Dos and Don’ts

DVA Tailgating presents good tailgate behavior and things to avoid on gamedays.

This stream has:

How to Tailgate, 2018

Learn to tailgate like an LSU fan.


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