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"First, You make a Roux... ...Then, You Drink a Beer..."

And the Valley Cooks: Shrimp in NOLA-Style Barbecue Cream over Pasta

Who live...forever...

And the Valley Cooks: Chargrilled Shark

Oh, did somebody change their mascot?

And the Valley Cooks: Grits & Grillades

Turn up for breakfast.

And The Valley Drinks: Parish Brewing Ghost In The Machine

The best beer in the state is available all summer long.

And the Valley Cooks: A Louisiana Daiquiri

What if I told you it didn’t have to come from a machine?

And the Valley Cooks: The Chinese Bandit

A tasty, and appropriately named, cocktail.

And the Valley Cooks: a Bourbon Peanut Butter Milkshake

Diversify your dessert portfolio.

BOOZEFIGHT: Knob Creek Single Barrel vs. George Dickel Single Barrel

A battle of the high-end stuff.

And The Valley Drinks: At Old Rail Brewing Company

A Louisiana brewpub worth your time if you’re in the Northshore area.

And The Valley Drinks: Abita Bad Mother Shucker Oyster Stout

And now for something completely different.

And The Valley Drinks: Parish Brewing Bloom

A new IPA from one of Louisiana’s finest.

And the Valley Drinks: Second Line Brewing’s A Saison Named Desire

A tasty farmhouse-style ale that fits the weather out right now.

And the Valley Drinks: More American Craft Beer Week!

We tried some new beers. For SCIENCE! FOR YOU!

AtV Drinks: Southern Prohibition’s Kolsch with Lime & Chamomile

Hey, it’s American Craft Beer Week!

And the Valley Cooks: Bourbon-Bacon-Apple Pancakes

Get in the Derby Day spirit with a Kentucky-themed breakfast.

And The Valley Drinks: St. Arnold’s Divine Reserve #18

One of the more difficult beers to find each year.

Easter Candy: Can We Admit Peeps are Awful?

Let’s be real: they’re trash candy.

And the Valley Drinks: Great Raft’s YMEWK, Batch 005

An intriguing specialty beer aged on blackberries.

And the Valley Cooks: Root Beer-Glazed Ham

As we near another holiday, here’s a hosting dish that’ll turn some heads.

And the Valley Cooks: Irish Channel-Braised Spare Ribs

Here’s a strong way to dress up your beef game.

And the Valley Cooks: Holy Roller Shrimp

Time to get back in the lab again.

Types of King Cake, Ranked by Deliciousness

Totally not just an excuse to eat King Cake, how dare you

And The Valley Drinks - Aventinus Eisbock

And The Valley Cooks Fixes Your Super Bowl Party

Some food options to win friends and influence people.

And The Valley Drinks: Tin Roof’s Seventh Anniversary Imperial Stout w. Syrah

A definite reason to get on by the local tap room.

And The Valley Drinks: Russian River Brewing Co. Pliny The Elder

South Louisiana has needed something comforting after the last week.

And The Valley Drinks: St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

Yes, still ‘tis the season.

And The Valley Drinks: Blood Orange Envie

Our friends at Parish took Envie to a new level.

How to Make an 11 a.m. Kickoff: Breakfast Beers!

You can endure an early kickoff, or you can enjoy it.

And The Valley Eats: Chicken On A Stick

A very serious review of Oxford’s finest culinary contribution.

Washers, The Sport of Kings and Drunkards

Your man still plays cornhole? Tragic.


“You can smell the bourbon on the field.” - Mike Archer 


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