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ATVS SEC Baseball Power Poll Ballot - Week 2

This year, the SEC blogs of SB Nation will be voting in an SEC Baseball Power Poll managed by Miss St blog For Whom The Cowbell Tolls. Poseur and I are the voting representatives for ATVS and each week we will share our ballots for your compliments and criticism.

NOTE: Ballots are cast on Mondays

This Week's Results

Poseur's Ballot

  1. Vanderbilt. Anyone else in the SEC swept a team near the quality of Long Beach? Nope. OK, they top the ballot.
  2. LSU. If Aaron Nola is going to flirt with no hitters, the SEC should be very afraid.
  3. South Carolina. Have not allowed a run since February 15th.
  4. Tennessee. I'm as surprised as you are, so let's let them enjoy their brief moment of quality baseball in Knoxville.
  5. Florida. The Gators get credit for playing a tough schedule, but you have to win those games for full credit. Right now, Florida is a 500 team in the ACC.
  6. Ole Miss. Won their first six games by a combined 40 runs, so we'll spot them one slip up on the getaway game in an already-won series.
  7. Arkansas. No one's played that tough a schedule, aside from Florida, but the Hogs really seem to be pushing the idea of early season tune ups.
  8. Texas A&M. Wobbled, recovered. No big deal yet.
  9. Kentucky. This is a team that beat Virginia, and lost to VMI. They also dropped a game to South Carolina- Upstate, a university that I'm pretty sure is imaginary. Your guess is as good as mine.
  10. Alabama. Have a pair of Friday 2-1 losses to Stephen F Austin and St. Louis. At least they rallied both times to win the series.
  11. Mississippi State. What the hell, Bulldogs? Look, I'm no fan of yours or your coach (ok, mainly I just hate your coach), but splitting a series with Holy Cross? What is going on? Should improve once its grilling season. 4-4 won't cut it.
  12. Auburn. Already the front runner for the SEC West cellar.
  13. Mizzou. At least their losses are of a decent caliber. Well, except McNeese.
  14. Georgia. At least they still have the gymnastics team.

PodKATT's Ballot

  1. Vanderbilt. Impressive sweep of a Big West stalwart on the road is the SEC's best result.

  2. South Carolina. The scoreless streak is impressive. Lets see what happens when they play a team with a pulse

  3. LSU. Nola without a pitch count is a scary future. Needs stronger "road wins" than Hammond and Metairie

  4. Arkansas. Undefeated, against nobody

  5. Ole Miss. Stetson aint no beach holiday.

  6. Tennessee.  Undefeated against better than average schedule fillers

  7. Texas A&M. Almost undefeated, against nobody

  8. Kentucky. Props for the road start, but then it's not they could play on the snow in Lexington

  9. Alabama. Drawing better crowds, but you can't lose to the St Louis COLLEGE team

  10. Florida. Dropping a series to DA U isnt bad. Almost losing at home to Smoke Laval's North Florida is.

  11. Mississippi State. YO DOGS, HOLY CROSS AINT EVEN AN IVY!

  12. Mizzou. At least the team isnt actively revolting against the coaches. (MCNEESE!? REALLY!?)

  13. Auburn. Sonny cant cut the whole team, can he?

  14. Georgia. Why do we keep sending the Dawgs to face top-flight ACC teams?