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ATVS SEC Baseball Power Poll Ballot - Week 5

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This year, the SEC blogs of SB Nation will be voting in an SEC Baseball Power Poll managed by Miss St. blog For Whom The Cowbell Tolls. Poseur and I are the voting representatives for ATVS and each week we will share our ballots for your compliments and criticism.

NOTE: Ballots are cast on Mondays

This Week's Results

Poseur's Ballot

  1. South Carolina – Allowed 11 runs this weekend, three more than they had allowed all month so far. Clearly slipping.
  2. Vanderbilt – The only thing keeping from the top spot is the other worldly performance of USC
  3. Ole Miss – It’s hard to downgrade the Rebels for actually taking one game off of the Gamecocks
  4. LSU – Either Vandy is really good, or LSU is in some deep doggy doo doo
  5. Tennessee – Sure, it’s just Mizzou, but the Vols still boast a gaudy record
  6. Florida – Struggling to score runs, but seems like 3 runs will usually get them the W
  7. Alabama – Have effectively put the ULL series in the rearview mirror… or they just want to forget.
  8. Mississippi State – That was step one in getting us all to forget their horrible OOC start, but it was just Georgia
  9. Kentucky – 2 outs away from being tied for first in the division
  10. Auburn – Still impossible to get a read on
  11. Texas A&M – It only counts as one win, but 9-0 is the way to show that maybe they should’ve won the series.
  12. Arkansas – Played well, but need to turn good play into good results
  13. Mizzou – Not completely hopeless
  14. Georiga – Not by themselves in dead last. Yet.

PodKATT's Ballot

  1. South Carolina - a blip on a monster resume. Are we sure Tanner stopped coaching this team?
  2. Vandy - Not invincible, but damn close
  3. LSU - Vandy's got a better pitching staff than the Astros. At least we got one on Beede.
  4. Ole Miss - Got one off USC on Friday and quite nearly pulled off the series.
  5. Alabama -  Deserves more respect for taking the series from an underrated UK team
  6. Tennessee - things were going so well, then you crater in the first week of SEC play?
  7. Kentucky - Assuming the bats wake back up, will make the East a hard race to call
  8. Miss St. - Might be getting back on track
  9. Florida - A series win is a series win, but the Gators still have issues
  10. Auburn - SEC beginners luck or is A&M going to be really bad this year?
  11. Arkansas - I just can't figure out what's wrong with the Hogs this season. Going to be a long year.
  13. Texas A&M - Horribly inconsistent offense is going to kill them
  14. Georgia - Won't go winless in the SEC. And Hey, at least they beat Georgia Tech this year