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ATVS SEC Baseball Power Poll Ballot - Week 6

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

This year, the SEC blogs of SB Nation will be voting in an SEC Baseball Power Poll managed by Miss St. blog For Whom The Cowbell Tolls. Poseur and I are the voting representatives for ATVS and each week we will share our ballots for your compliments and criticism.

NOTE: Ballots are cast on Mondays

This Week's Results

Poseur's Ballot

  1. South Carolina – It came crashing down hard, but someone’s got to be in the top spot.
  2. Ole Miss – they can’t be the best team in the West, can they?
  3. Vandy – That was a prank, right?
  4. Mississippi State – Not talking about the OOC struggles now, are we?
  5. Kentucky – Beat USC, could be awesome.
  6. LSU – Leads the SEC in batting average, proving BA is a worthless stat
  7. Auburn – Ended Tennessee’s brief run of quality baseball
  8. Texas A&M – I’m just guessing at this point in the ballot
  9. Florida – I’ve been a big believer in the Gators, but that was discouraging
  10. Bama – One of 8 teams at 500 in conference play. Eight. I'm just randomly listing teams.
  11. Arkansas – Well, they lost to Bama, so why not?
  12. Tennessee – Salvaged the series, but man… the SEC is deadlocked right now
  13. Georgia – Will count forcing a tie on the travel day as a win.
  14. Mizzou – Well, at least one ranking was easy.

PodKATT's Ballot

  1. South Carolina - prevented a sweep, but Friday issues continue
  2. Vandy - Where the hell was this bad pitching staff last weekend?
  3. LSU - 2 wins and a tie hide growing batting issues.
  4. Ole Miss - Swept Mizzou at home. may as well have taken the week off.
  5. Kentucky - You can always count on the bats at The Cliff, but can they do it on the road?
  6. Miss St. - EGADS, what the hell is in the left field smoke?
  7. Alabama -  If you're going to be a true contender, you can't drop a series at a down Arkansas
  8. Auburn - Another good win, has Golloway righted the ship?
  9. Tennessee - The fall from grace continues, but there might not be shame in an Auburn loss this year
  10. Arkansas - Nice bounce back, but more is needed
  11. Georgia - Nearly won a pitching battle with LSU. Beware all who do not respect those arms.
  12. Florida - A&M is not good, neither are the Gators
  13. Texas A&M - Horribly inconsistent offense is going to kill them
  14. Mizzou - Is not winless in their division. That's about it.