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LSU Takeover of SEC Network

Poseur tries to play programming director

CWS Finals Open Thread: Game 1

Chat it up as Coastal takes on ‘Zona.

It’s Hard To Watch The College World Series

Make The College World Series Great Again

Tyrann Mathieu speaks on Will Smith tragedy, NOLA

Former LSU star and New Orleans native weighs in on the tragic murder of New Orleans' Saints legend Will Smith.

March Madness: Friday matchup info

Follow all the action right here.

Join in on the official ATVS bracket challenge!

Sign in to our sneaky good bracket pool for some comment bragging rights!

Link Gumbo - 11/27/15

If you're not shopping today, or are standing around bored while others are, here are some links for you to read.

LSU Softball to take on Arizona in Super Regional

Meet your 2015 NCAA Softball Baton Rouge SUPER Regional.

2015 NFL Draft Scouting Reports: The ATVS Staff

Breaking down your favorite bloggers in DETAIL.

NCAA Tournament 2015: Sweet 16 Day 2 Watch Thread

Follow along with the Madness right here.

Featured Fanshot

Iron Brewer Festival Saturday in Baton Rouge

Featured Fanshot

No. 2 Gymnastics to Meet No. 3 Florida Friday Night

If you're in Baton Rouge and looking for something to do on Friday, come help pack the PMAC for gymnastics in this big top-five matchup. Tickets run as low as $2. PMAC box office opens at 6 p.m.

College Football Playoff Open Thread

How about we talk the remaining New Year's Day games here?

Where Does the NCAA Go From Here?

They lost the O'Bannon decision, but can the NCAA can still salvage their position in the college football reform movement.

LSU Fan Day News and Notes

A recap of some of the major news and notes to trickle out from LSU's annual fan day.

Question I'd have asked at SEC Media Days - Day 3

We'll have to send zrau one of these days...

Questions I'd Have asked at SEC Media Days - Day 2

Once again asking the hard questions, so the media doesn't have to.

Because someone has to ask the hard questions

Tired of the media throwing softball questions at SEC coaches and players? Here are some of the burning questions I would have asked the panelists at Day 1 of Media Days.

Moving Past the O'Bannon Lawsuit

It doesn't matter who wins, though it probably won't be the NCAA, it matters what we do from this point forward

Might As Well Watch Some Soccer

It's not like there's any LSU games on

College World Series Hate Guide for LSU Fans

We know you won't be cheering, so here's who to hate

LSU Gym is Still Awesome, Advances to Semifinals

One step closer to the title... no pressure.

Better Know an Opponent: Brown Bears

An actual Ivy League team comes down to the Box and classes up the joint for two games

The NFL Scouting Combine: An Overview

It’s NFL Combine time again; relevant to our LSU interests due to the fact that the Tigers sent a whopping 13 players (including every underclassmen) to this year’s happening, the most in school history.


6:00 PM - 100.7FM

Olympic Poseur: Wrestling

Olympic Poseur: Why NBC Sucks

Olympic Poseur: Rowing

Olympic Poseur: Trampoline

Olympic Poseur: Canoe/Kayak

Olympic Poseur: Table Tennis

Olympic Poseur: Equestrian


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