Kickoff Rules Change


Teams can now fair catch a kickoff anywhere inside their own 25 and it will result in a touchback with a start on the 25.

Jonathan Giles to Wear 7 in 2018


LSU's transfer receiver from Texas Tech will follow in the playmaking tradition with Peterson, Mathieu, Fournette and Chark -- we'll see if he can play up to the standard.

Nike's LSU Trainer V7 Shoes On Clearance


If you've ever wanted a pair of this year's edition of the Nike official LSU Training Shoes, Nike's website is running one helluva special. Sizes limited.

Whoa! You gotta see Tremont Waters' Crazy Shot


Pretty good? Pretty good. Aggies take another L.

Derrius Guice Helps Make a Little Girl's Christmas


Pretty nice twitter story here from LSU's star back

WATCH: How Chris Curry Celebrated Signing With LSU


I think we're gonna like this kid.

Coach O Raided Former LSU Recruit's Fridge, Helped Self to Red Beans and Rice


Great inside look at Coach O's recruiting tactics. Check out this story from former LSU DT Marlon Favorite, who nearly picked USC after Coach O showed up to his house and helped himself to some red beans and rice. Would you let Coach O raid your fridge?

GM Austin Thomas not going to Tennesssee


Rumor has it that he's staying at LSU. Can anyone else confirm?

LSU Previews Citrus Bowl Match-Up


Nice work by LSU's Creative department here.

Zach Von Rosenberg One-Ups Guice