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Xs & Os

Here are all our various posts related to football tactics and strategy.

Missouri Film Review: Jayden’s Wall

The Eagles of College Football

Grambling Film Review: Moving Perkins “Outside” Doesn’t Solve the Problem, And It Creates New Ones.

They’ll do anything but just put him at the Jack

Florida State Film Review: Free 4

I told you so

Harold Perkins: Edge Rusher

When you have a superstar at a valuable position, put him there.

The Divergence of The TE Position and the 12olution

The spread is over.

Purdue Film Review: TWOOOO QUARTERBACKS???!?!

"LSU is engaged in both of these Quarterbacks??"

Georgia Film Review: Constant Conflict

The power of a pair of versatile TEs in making the defense wrong, always.

What To Watch For: Georgia

I’m glad we’re here but... gulp

UAB Film Review: Offensive Evolution

The LSU offense breaks out some tweaks that I’d been wanting to see.

Arkansas FIlm Review: Zero Dark 40

Harold Perkins hunts quarterbacks for sport.

Ole Miss Film Review Part 2: 40

It’s about more than just Harold Perkins, but yeah.

Ole Miss Film Review Part 1: Fax Machine

Mike Denbrock finally gets to run his offense the way he really wants to, with office supplies.

New Mexico Film Review: HOSS Y Jack

Getting Jack Bech more involved was a start, but they can do even more.

Joe and Ja’Marr’s Excellent Adventure

They took WHO to the Super Bowl?!?

Assisting QBs in the Action Offense

The processing burden on some college QBs is mostly unnecessary.

Breaking Down Denbrock Part 3: RPOs

Where parts 1 and 2 come together

Breaking Down Denbrock Part 2: Run Game

Inside Zone, Inside Zone, more Inside Zone

Breaking Down Denbrock Part 1: Passing Game

Part 1 of 3 of a look at LSU’s new offensive coordinator

Bringing the House: 2018 Kentucky

An Analysis of LSU DC Matt House’s 2018 Kentucky Defense

Post Game Review: Florida

Jack Mashburn for President

Post Game Review: Auburn

Everything wrong with the LSU offense, on display.

What To Watch For: Auburn

Everyone who has ever liked Auburn is a bad person

What To Watch For: Mississippi State

A potential turning point in either direction.

Post Game Review: UCLA

♪ Wake me up when last season ends ♪

Should Derek Stingley Play Offense in 2021?

A comprehensive breakdown

LSU Needs to Revamp Its Run Game, Here’s How

It’s not 2016 anymore.

Brennan vs. Johnson Part 2: The Tape

We’ve crunched the numbers, now let’s take a look at the film of LSU’s top two quarterbacks

Brennan vs. Johnson Part 1: The Data

Look What You Made Me Do

Ja’Marr Chase is the best LSU receiver prospect ever

Chase is the latest and among the greatest in an increasingly freakish generation of receiver prospects

For Peetz Sake, Part 2: RPO Revolution

For Peetz Sake, Part One: Joe Brady, Levels, and Drive

Part one of the Jake Peetz offensive preview hits on his former boss’ favorite principles.

Post Game Review: Ole Miss

Operation Fire Pelini may now proceed.


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