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Xs & Os

Here are all our various posts related to football tactics and strategy.

What To Watch For: Auburn

Everyone who has ever liked Auburn is a bad person

What To Watch For: Mississippi State

A potential turning point in either direction.

Post Game Review: UCLA

♪ Wake me up when last season ends ♪

Should Derek Stingley Play Offense in 2021?

A comprehensive breakdown

LSU Needs to Revamp Its Run Game, Here’s How

It’s not 2016 anymore.

Brennan vs. Johnson Part 2: The Tape

We’ve crunched the numbers, now let’s take a look at the film of LSU’s top two quarterbacks

Brennan vs. Johnson Part 1: The Data

Look What You Made Me Do

Ja’Marr Chase is the best LSU receiver prospect ever

Chase is the latest and among the greatest in an increasingly freakish generation of receiver prospects

For Peetz Sake, Part 2: RPO Revolution

For Peetz Sake, Part One: Joe Brady, Levels, and Drive

Part one of the Jake Peetz offensive preview hits on his former boss’ favorite principles.

Post Game Review: Ole Miss

Operation Fire Pelini may now proceed.

Let John Emery Cook

The sophomore is clearly LSU’s best running back, but isn’t getting nearly enough touches that his talent demands

Post Game Review: South Carolina

TJ Finley. That’s it, that’s the story

Arik Gilbert and the Flex Tight End

LSU, 2020, and the 5 Man Protection Debate

I Really Wanted This One and So Did Zach Mettenberger: A Breakdown of a Valiant, Forgotten Performance.

Underdog Xs and Os, Good Quarterback Danny Etling and the Turning Point of the Orgeron era.

V For Versatility, starring Jabril Cox

Moving Forward, Myles Brennan

Film Room: How LSU Stayed the Course vs. Clemson

No panic, just execution.

Clemson vs. LSU is Good on Good

Thoughts and Musings on the National Championship.

Film Room: Fit it and Quit it

How LSU can slow down Oklahoma’s base play.

How Do You Win a Heisman Trophy?

Joe Burrow and the path to greatest award

Saturday Night Film Review: The Defense Rises

The Tigers hammer the Aggies.

Quickie Film Study: Adjustments Were Made

Aranda shuts down Arkansas.

The Midweek Film Review: LSU @ Ole Miss

A terrible defensive performance

The Saturday Afternoon Film Review: LSU @ Alabama

They finally did it.

Saturday Afternoon Film Review: LSU vs. Auburn

LSU tightened up and punched Auburn in the mouth.

Saturday Afternoon Film Review: LSU at Mississippi State

The LSU Defense Stopped College Football’s Favorite Play.

The Saturday Night Film Review: LSU vs. Florida

How One Play Explains all of College Football.

The Saturday *Afternoon* Film Review: Vanderbilt

LSU is spreading teams out and firing in the seams.

The Saturday Night Film Review: LSU vs. Northwestern State

The LSU offense goes to the lab.


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