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Xs & Os

Here are all our various posts related to football tactics and strategy.

Saturday Afternoon Film Review: LSU at Mississippi State

The LSU Defense Stopped College Football’s Favorite Play.

The Saturday Night Film Review: LSU vs. Florida

How One Play Explains all of College Football.

The Saturday *Afternoon* Film Review: Vanderbilt

LSU is spreading teams out and firing in the seams.

The Saturday Night Film Review: LSU vs. Northwestern State

The LSU offense goes to the lab.

The Saturday Film Review: Week 1

LSU enters modernity.

Film Room: Georgia Southern’s Triple Option

The triple option comes to town.

*Red Zone Concerns Intensify*

Now with video!

ATVS Presents: A 2019 Football Glossary

A handy guide to some of the terms you’re going to hear a lot of over the next few months.

Scouting Texas: What do the ‘Horns do on Offense?

Tom Herman’s offense is fast and fun.

Decoding Dave Aranda

LSU’s DC gave us some clues as to what he’s scheming up.

Who is Dave Aranda’s Nemesis?

Dan Mullen vs. Dave Aranda has become must watch TV

Painting the Picture of What LSU Might Look Like: Part 2

What Hath Joe Brady Brought?

Painting the Picture of What LSU Might Look Like: Part 1

The Saints march into Baton Rouge.

Reloading LSU’s Secondary

LSU has lost two starters, but what does that translate to this spring?

Remember Me?

K’lavon is BACK

Pass Protection and Your Tigers

Here’s what you need to know!

Film Room: How LSU Might Defend UCF

How will Dave Aranda defend the Golden Knights?

Film Room: Fiesta Bowl Preview Pt. 1

Diving into the UCF offense.

The Foster Moreau Problem

Where did it go wrong?

In Da Film Room: I’ve seen this before

Oh did we lose to Alabama again?

In Da Film Room: Tua is That Good

It’s hard to admit it, but it’s time to do so.

Film Room Still Doesn’t Know How Good This Team Is

But it’s fun watching them make big plays.

Film Room: Burrow Against Florida

How it all fell apart for Burrow in Gainesville.

LSU and the Run-Pass Option

A primer on one of the other elements discussed with Steve Ensminger and LSU’s offense in 2018.

LSU and the Alex Gibbs Wide/Tight Zone

An in-depth look at what will be one of the foundations of LSU’s offense in 2018.

Film Room: The LSU Spring Game

Breaking down the preview of LSU’s offense we saw to wrap up spring practice.

In Da Film Room: Dave Aranda’s Defense

Let’s take an intimate look at the concepts in Dave Aranda’s great defense

Film Room Presents: Devin White

A closer look at LSU’s superhero linebacker.

Can Myles Brennan save us?

What the (limited) tape tells us

Where Would I Take LSU’s Offense

Galina & Ensminger 2018

In da Film Room: Arden Key

Taking a look at Arden Key’s 2017 season.

In da Film Room: Goodnight Sweet Danny

Danny does not disappoint against the Aggies.


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