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History Class: The Mike Archer Era

The highest of highs... and the beginning of the Dark Ages

History Class: Bob Brodhead... Off the Field

When even more drama was taking place in the admin building

History Class: Bob Brodhead... On the Field

LSU starts to win. A lot.

History Class: The Bill Arnsparger Era, 1984-1986

You think times are crazy now?

History Class: Paul Dietzel Era 1978-1982

The transition to the modern era

History Class: The Tumultuous Tenure of Jerry Stovall

The 80s were crazy, y’all

History Class: Worst Defensive Days Ever

Well, maybe not ever.

History Class: The Last Years of Carl Maddox

Basketball takes the center stage

History Class: The Last Days of Charles McClendon

Alexander the Great, the Root Hogs. and the Birth of DBU

History Class: The Early 70s Expansion

New facilities and new programs mark the era

History Class: McClendon’s Peak Years

When you think LSU history, you’re thinking of the early 70s

History Class: The Carl Maddox Era Begins

And maybe a little bit about a Pistol

History Class: Football 1968-70

Our class splits into two sections

History Class: The Last Years of Jim Corbett, 1962-66

And the beginning of the Cholly Mack Era

History Class: The 1958 Gold Standard

We are one game away from finally anointing a new Greatest Team Ever

History Class: The Failures of Paul Dietzel and Troy Middleton (1955-57)

It’s always darkest before the dawn

History Class: Gaynell Tinsley Makes LSU a Basketball School

How a few losing season and a new library cost TP Heard his job, but not before Bob Pettit showed up

History Class: The First Years of Gaynell Tinsley

LSU confidently strides into the post-Bernie Moore era by pratfalling on to their face

History Class: World War II and the Old War Skule

History Class: Bernie Moore Between the Wars

The best LSU teams that you’ve never heard of: 1935-1937

History Class: Biff Jones and TP Heard 1932-35

Huey Long starts getting some national titles for his investment in LSU

History Class: Russ Cohen and The Kingfish

No matter what your opinion of Huey Long is, there’s one thing you cannot deny… the man loved LSU football.

History Class: Mike Donahue Era (1922-27)

LSU enters the big time

History Class: Irving Pray Era (1911-21)

The three-time part-time LSU football coach and full-time chemist gets his due

History Class: Edgar Wingard Era (1907-09)

LSU’s first great coach recruits LSU’s first great player: Doc Fenton

History Class: The First Decade

LSU sports is born, and immediately starts fighting with Tulane

LSU Sports History Classes: Enrolling Now

We try to make sense of 125+ years of not making sense


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