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Cowboys Classic: LSU vs. Miami

LSU's 2018 season opener versus the Miami Hurricanes.

LSU 33, Miami 17: Postgame Review

Starting out the 2018 season in style with a big win over a top-10 team.

Behind the Box Score: Miami

A blowout on the scoreboard but not the statsheet

Tigers oust Hurricanes in Arlington, 33-17

GAMETHREAD: 2018 Cowboys Classic - LSU vs Miami, 6:30pm, ABC


Tiger Tracklist: Miami

1,2,3,4,5, that’s the countdown till I slide

LSU vs. Miami: What to Watch For

The Tigers and the Hurricanes square off in the Cowboys Classic.

Stat Watch: Miami

Stat Watch returns with a look at the Miami Hurricanes

As the Valley Drinks: DFW Beer Guide

Ten beers from ten brewers to check out if you’re in the Metroplex Area for this weekend’s opener.

Rest In Peace, Alex

We drove into a tunnel for a few more hits with State of the U’s Cam Underwood.

Knockin’ On Evan’s Door: Miami Hurricanes Football- A History Project by Evan Saacks

My elders tell me the Hurricanes have a historically great college football program. Time to investigate...

Playin’ Nice: State of the U

Cam Underwood of our sister blog State of the U helps us preview this weekend’s season opener.

In da Film Room: LSU, Game One

Back in the saddle.

Eating with Ed: Week 1 vs Miami (FL)

Featured Fanshot

LSU's New Starting Quarterback: Threat Level Midnight

Per LSU, Joe Burrow is officially the thing we already knew he was: the Tigers' starting quarterback.

Delusional Optimism is an Underdog

Let’s ride Team Chaos to the gates of hell,

Game Week: LSU’s Depth Chart

Here’s our best guess at what LSU’s opening depth chart might look like.


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