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The 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship: LSU vs. Clemson

The Tigers and the Tigers are squaring off in NOLA for the national title.

How about a nice cup of Natty?

Our friends at Breaking T have branched out into coffee mugs.

Hey Guess What Happened a Month Ago

Maybe refresh yourself with these highlights?

Hmm...that’s a good idea for a t-shirt...


Featured Fanshot

How about National Championship highlights in Spanish?

Mario Jerez does such a great job with these.

Film Room: How LSU Stayed the Course vs. Clemson

No panic, just execution.

LSU 42, Clemson 25: Post-game Review

A dominant win befitting a dominant championship team.

The LSU Tigers are national champions! It’s real, and here’s all the merch you need to celebrate!

It’s LSU’s first natty since the 2007 season, so fill up your closet with a whole new set of T-shirts, hoodies, and more!


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Bleary-Eyed Impressions: LSU Wins the National Title

The greatest ever

Link Gumbo: Championship Edition

LSU caps off perfect season with 42-27 win over Clemson

CHAMPIONSHIP SWAG — Updated With New Stuff!

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Relive the National Championship

Highlights of last night.

PERFECTION! LSU Beats Clemson 42-25

GAMETHREAD: The College Football Playoff National Championship - LSU vs Clemson, 7:15pm, All ESPN Stations

Sneaky Good 81: Previewing the Southern Conference, er, National Championship

For some marbles or something

Being In Awe On The Eve Of The Title Game

It’s the night before the biggest game in LSU history, I should say something.

The College Football Playoff National Championship: What to Watch For

Tigers versus Tigers for a chance at immortality.

Clemson vs. LSU is Good on Good

Thoughts and Musings on the National Championship.

MEDIA DAY: LSU players on Trevor Lawrence, Brett Venables and bringing home a national championship

Delusional Optimism is Facing His Demons

Time to put the past in the past.

And the Valley Investigates: How Dabo Swinney Cusses

Yippe Ky-Yay Master Splinter!

Why I Am Completely Convinced LSU Will Beat Clemson


Why I Am Completely Convinced LSU Will Lose To Clemson

Fear has crept in. Everything feels a little too good, right?

Playing Nice: Shakin the Southland

Ryan Kantor of Shakin the Southland previews the National Championship Game

Joe Burrow’s Two Heisman Seasons

No defense was safe against the Joey Heisman


The krewe tackles LSU’s shot at the national championship against the defending champ.

LSU vs. Clemson is a Battle of Chicken Sandwiches

The greatest debate of 2019 has led us to this College Football Playoff final.

LSU to Face Clemson for National Championship

East Coast Tigers hold off Ohio State and will meet us in New Orleans.