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LSU vs. Texas

The Tigers' marquee non-conference matchup with the Longhorns.

The Failed LSU Defense?

You don’t give up 400 yards passing and get to call yourself DBU

The Saturday Night Film Review: LSU @ Texas

Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming

Behind the Box Score: Texas

Burrow throws for a lot of yards, and the defense allows a bunch of yards

How To Lose A Game In Ten Plays

Heartbroken Texas fan Matthew McConaughey breaks down ten plays that helped the Longhorns blow what could’ve been a huge win

LSU 45, Texas 38: Post-game Review

Tigers drove on down to the Lone Star State and won a balls-to-the-wall shootout.


Beating Texas Is As Easy As Three Words

Remember LSU’s landmark victory with our friends from Breaking T.

Relive Last Night’s Big Win

Enjoy some highlights from LSU’s huge win over Texas.

Featured Fanshot

I'd just like to leave this here...

Thanks to Banner Society's Richard Johnson.

POSTGAME: LSU Tops Texas, 45-38

GAMETHREAD: LSU @ Texas, 6:30pm, ABC


Tiger Tracklist: Texas

Get my gun, we about to rob a Wells Fargo...

Quarterback Comparison: LSU vs. Texas

LSU vs. Texas: What To Watch For

Tigers head west for the program’s biggest home-and-home series in a long time.

And The Valley Scripts: ‘LSU v. Texas and The Battle For McConaughey’s Soul’

As Matthew McConaughey prepares to be the celebrity picker on College Gameday, his choice becomes even more complicated when he meets an old friend.

How To Football: Week 2

Welcome to Texas vs. Tigers week.

Playin’ “Nice” with Burnt Orange Nation

Forget stats and tape, let’s see if Texas fans can answer the real questions LSU fans have

Texas Ain’t Bama

They are still a blue blood, but we’ve been bullied by the best of them.

Playin Nice: Burnt Orange Nation

Gerald Goodridge prepares us for LSU’s epic showdown with Texas.

Eating with Ed: Week 2, Texas

The Fallout: How LSU Playing Texas Affects Texas A&M

Our friends at Good Bull Hunting fill us in on how this whole Texas matchup affects them

The Politics of Horns Down

Helping LSU fans understand how and when Horns Down is an acceptable taunt to Texas.


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