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LSU vs. Utah State

LSU 42, Utah State 6: Post-game Review

Tigers roll through the final non-conference foe of the year.

Behind the Box Score: Utah St

The defense shows up

Sunday Video Roundup - 10/6/19

LSU Defense Finally Shows Expected Form

Tigers stifled what had been a prolific Utah State attack.

Initial Impressions: LSU 42, Utah St 6

A bleary-eyed, morning win

GAMETHREAD: LSU vs Utah St, 11 AM, SEC Network


LSU Defense Keeps Looking For Improvement, Experiments With Kristian Fulton At Nickel

Quarterback Comparison: Utah St. vs. LSU

LSU vs. Utah State: What to Watch For

Tigers open the season’s second half with their final non-conference opponent.

Playin’ “Nice” with Utah State

Wait, LSU plays TWO Aggies this year??

Playing Nice: Utah State

Getting ready for Utah State with Alex Eiden of Mountain West Connection.

Grant Delpit Weighs in on California Bill

LSU’s star safety gives his thoughts on the Fair Pay to Play Act.

Eating With Ed: Week 6, Utah State