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LSU vs. Wisconsin

The Tigers' week one matchup in Lambeau Field.

Hello, Wisconsin!

A trip through the not-so-frozen North

A Recap With Toddlers

He should have put on the onesie.

Video: Brandon Harris’s Final Interception

Former ATVS staffer Carter Bryant has a nice breakdown of what broke down here.

Wisconsin 16, LSU 14: Post-Game Review

And I looked again...and it didn’t get any better.

GAMETHREAD: LSU vs Wisconsin, 2:30pm, ABC/WatchESPN


Tiger Tracklist: Wisconsin

Louisiana against the world. 

LSU vs Wisconsin - THE TRAILER

The Other Guys: Wisconsin

How do you stop a Wisconsin Running Back?

Eh? vs. -Eaux

Time to settle a few more questions about our neighbors to the Great White North.

Playin’ Nice: Bucky’s Fifth Quarter

We talk the Wisconsin matchup with Jake Kocorowski of B5Q!

Lunch with Les - 2016 Week 1 vs Wisconsin

Les Miles won’t talk to you if you’re not Australian

ATVS Travel Guide: Wisconsin

OR, What to do in Green Bay When You’re a Tiger