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NFLSU 2022 Season in Review

The greatest college football team of all time is making their presence felt in the NFL

Super Bowl 57 Openthread: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 5:30 P.M., FOX

Last game of the year, Brent can’t hold anything back now!

NFLSU: Nine Tigers Invited to 2023 NFL Combine

Draft szn is approaching

NFLSU: Clyde Edwards-Helaire Activated from IR for Super Bowl 57

Finally, a reason to watch the Super Bowl

NFLSU Championship Weekend Recap

After last year gave us a thrilling Super Bowl with four Tigers starting, Super Bowl LVII sadly might not have any

NFLSU: AFC Championship Openthread—Bengals vs. Chiefs, 5:30 P.M., CBS

Burrow and Chase vs. Edwards-Helaire for the right to go to Super Bowl 57

NFLSU: Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson Named NFL MVP Finalists

Jefferson also a finalist for Offensive Player of the Year

NFLSU Divisional Round Recap

With apologies to Namath and Montana, Joe Burrow deserves sole ownership of the Joe Cool nickname

NFLSU: Justin Jefferson Named First-Team All-Pro

The best receiver in the league

NFLSU 2022 Regular Season Recap

[Jim Mora voice] PLAYOFFS???

Anthony Bradford Declares for NFL Draft

LSU’s starting right guard is off to the NFL

NFLSU Week 17 Recap

Bigger than football

NFLSU: Burrow, Chase, and Jefferson All Selected to 2023 Pro Bowl

Just like old times

NFLSU Week 15 Recap

God I love football

NFLSU Week 14 Recap

D-J-Chark do doo do do do do

NFLSU Week 13 Recap

The Kansas City Chiefs were reminded who their daddy is

NFLSU Week 12 Recap

Plenty to be thankful for

NFLSU Week 11 Recap

Ignore what I said about us bandwagoning the Vikings (for now)

NFLSU Week 10 Recap

The NFL’s purple and gold team really showed out for our purple and gold

NFLSU Week 9 Recap

With a baseball interlude

NFLSU Week 8 Recap

Anyone have any spare hips for Ja’Marr Chase?

NFLSU Week 7 Recap

That Joe Burrow is pretty dang good huh

NFLSU Week 5 Recap

Zac Taylor will answer for his crimes

NFLSU Week 4 Recap


NFLSU Week 3 Recap

Are any of these teams good?

NFLSU Week 2 Recap

Not a lot of exciting stats, but there was a fight!

NFLSU Week 1 Recap


NFLSU: Six Tigers Make NFL’s Top 100 Players

Justin Jefferson is the highest ranked former Tiger

NFLSU: Leonard Marshall Entering New York Giants Ring of Honor

Former Tiger defensive end to be honored by the Giants this season

NFLSU: Training Camp Opens

An update on where your former Tigers are now that training camp has opened across the NFL

Joe and Ja’Marr’s Excellent Adventure

They took WHO to the Super Bowl?!?

NFLSU: Jarvis Landry Signs With New Orleans Saints

Juice is coming home