LSU’s Taylor Suspended Indefinitely

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Per The Advocate, LSU sophomore linebacker Tyler Taylor has been suspended indefinitely pending the resolution of his alleged role in a robbery of a Georgia pawn shop.

LSU learned of Taylor’s arrest, which took place last May, this week and promptly suspended him. From new beat writer Brooks Kubena:

An incident report by the Cumming Police Department said that on the early morning of Jan. 8, three men and a juvenile broke into a pawn shop in Cumming, Georgia, stole several firearms and fled the scene in a vehicle driven by Taylor.

The report said a Cumming police officer obtained arrest warrants May 27 for Taylor, 19, for conspiracy to commit a crime, party to a crime and theft by receiving stolen property.

On May 31, Taylor was booked into a local jail, and nearly five hours later he posted bond for the total sum of $33,550, according to the booking report from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

The report indicates that Taylor was the getaway driver, and only spent five hours in jail. Given that it happened in between the end of spring semester and beginning of the summer term, he likely didn’t tell anybody here. The three charges pending are all felonies — meaning he’s not likely to return to the team unless this story changes significantly.

Taylor played in every game as a true freshman in 2017 and was competing with fellow sophomore Jacob Phillips for a starting spot in 2018. Don’t expect to see him with the Tigers for some time now, if at all.


WTF man...

Dumb move.


Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why????

Hope we’ve still got the quality depth to spell White without a big dropoff. This doesn’t sound like he’s gonna play again.

Guess we'll see him again when we play Auburn or Alabama in 2019.

oh man

that one is so spot on it actually hurts


If he did this while playing for Bama he’d never miss a snap.

Just when we thought we got through an offseason without a problem ( minus ed I news)

The rug is pulled. Shame Because this guy was a real talent.

The same day when a 5* linebacker falls into Bama's lap for 2018

It Sucks

But that’s the value in depth when you’re dealing with 18-21 year olds and their legendary lack of decision making skills. I raised 4 of them (5 years between #1 and #4) and I can only imagine dealing with 85-100 of those knotheads at one time.

And LSU is on the board

for the Fulmer Cup.

Weird this happens on the same day of a write up praising our linebacker depth. Even weirder that it was taylor, who seemed to be a pretty heady player.

Happened before the natty

Doesnt count as fulmer cup


they stopped doing the Fulmer Cup. Another thing we can blame Vandy for.

Let's hope there is good news today on Fulton to help numb this kick in the crotch

I forgot hope is not a strategy

Tyler Taylor

destroyed his life. He had everything going for him, but like a loon, he decides to drive a getaway car to be one of the guys. Oh well.

What an idiot

Nevermind why people in general commit dumb crimes, but what is it with these highly recruited kids that very well have the potential to get a big payday in the NFL committing these dumb ass crimes? You are seriously a stupid individual to even risk throwing away a payday worth millions of dollars to go rob a fucking pawn shop.

Hit the bricks Tyler. I’m sure there is another team that will be glad to have you, but I hope it’s not mine.

Gotta keep it real with the homies they grew up with.

Stupid as all hell, and just sad too.

Christ on a Cracker

LSU boys have done some dumb shit, but this is up there in terms of dumb shit.

but not as dumb as

forging a river pilot license , or threatening to fight a beat reporter at the school you coach at

apparently things like that are not frowned upon. I guess it goes back to that whole "if it happened long enough ago, it doesnt matter".

If your point is that 8-12 years after his transgression, Taylor should be viewed as a possible addition to the staff

(assuming of course he’s grown and matured as a person and has the necessary qualifications, whatever they may be), then you are absolutely right.

And given that both fellas in your examples lost their jobs, I’d say the actions were frowned upon…

You're a big fan of false equivalence.

Anything to take shots at Orgeron

No matter how absurd

but all the lovely things people in here are saying about a 19 year old are okay

got it.

Man it is hard to miss the point that badly, but you definitely lived up to your namesake.

thats probably the nicest thing you've said to me

so I’ll take it.

This is why when a kid wants to go out of state, I applaud him.

A fresh start 3 states away is exactly what some folks need to take the next step.

The thing is, I’m not angry AT him at all. Just disappointed. (I am now my parents)
Its just very sad.

Its a hell of a way to find out that your "friends" don’t give a damn about YOUR opportunities.
The charges on the friends are going to be severe, but the lingering damage for Taylor is going to be so much more than that.

I still hope he doesn’t end up with no future at all.

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