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Sneaky Good Pod

Sneaky Good 91: Games That Weren’t and Guitar Heroes

There’s gonna be a game again!

Sneaky Good 90: Plowed Over on the Plains by Covid Hipsters

Stupid Auburn

Sneaky Good 89: House Finley and the Unleashing of the Ponchatoula Pistol

QB controversy! Woooo!!!

Sneaky Good 88: It’s All Chris’ Fault

OK, maybe it’s Bo Pelini

Sneaky Good 85: Corona? I Don’t Even Know Her!

Yeah, we made that pun.

Sneaky Good 84: Baseball and The Batman

Get it? I’ll show myself out.

Sneaky Good 83: The Fly in the Golden God Ointment

With some bonus Jeff Goldblum

Sneaky Good 82: National Champions Edition

We should do that more often

Sneaky Good Pod 80: Geauxing to the Ship

One more game...

Sneaky Good Pods 78 and 79

A Double Dose

Sneaky Good 77: Undefeated Regular Season

Mission Accomplished!

Sneaky Good 76: Outlier—Not Out Lying (Well, Maybe They Are)—Ole Miss

See what we did there?

Sneaky Good 75: LSU Beats Bama!

Just in time for our Diamond Edition

Sneaky Good 74: Auburn in the Rearview, Alabama Ahead, and Clowns (No, Not the Refs)

OK, maybe the refs.

Sneaky Good 73: It’s a Good Week to Hate Auburn

Come to think of it...

Sneaky Good 72: It Sucks To Be a Gator, Best Muppets, and Zombie Apocalypse Survival Squads

Every zombie survival crew needs a chef....