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The Ultimate Tailgate Bracket

#TailgateBracket: Jambalaya is Your Champion

After a month, we have crowned the champion of tailgate cuisine.

#TailgateBracket CHAMPIONSHIP: Jambalaya vs Boudin

It's time to crown the Ultimate Tailgate Bracket Champion.

#TailgateBracket: Boudin vs. Sausage Balls

One of our only real non-Louisiana items, also the bracket’s Cinderella choice, goes up against arguably the state’s finest meat product.

#TailgateBracket: Jambalaya vs. Boudin Balls

Who moves on to the tailgating championship?

#TailgateBracket: It's Final Four Time!

We’ve made it through the regional rounds, and now four champions enter the final four of our Ultimate Tailgating Bracket.

#TailgateBracket: Jambalaya vs. Gumbo

The Black Pot Region concludes with a showdown of the top two seeds.

#TailgateBracket: Apps/Snacks Regional Final

From a seeding standpoint, this one is our only mismatch. Pick the top tailgating appetizer.

#TailgateBracket: Ribs vs. Boudin

The Barbecue/Grilling Regional Final is pork vs. pork.

#TailgateBracket Boudin Balls vs. Fried Chicken

We're down to the final of the Deep-Fried Region

#TailgateBracket Reaches the Elite Eight

We're down to the regional finals in our attempt to crown the ultimate tailgating dish.

#TailgateBracket: Brisket vs. Ribs

One of our bigger barbecue fights yet.

#TailgateBracket: Boudin Balls vs. Fried Shrimp

Which fried handful do you go with?

#TailgateBracket: Stuffed Jalapenos vs. Salsa

The appetizer region's top seed versus one of the great party stand-bys.

#TailgateBracket: Gumbo vs. Crawfish Etouffee


#TailgateBracket: Fried Chicken vs. Fried Oysters

Tough matchup of deep-fried goodies here.

#TailgateBracket: Pulled Pork vs. Boudin

Good luck picking this one.

#TailgateBracket: Spinach Dip vs. Sausage Balls

Which appetizer will move on?

#TailgateBracket: Pastalaya vs. Jambalaya

Coming out guns blazing in round three with our biggest showdown to date.

#TailgateBracket Hits the Savory Sixteen

Round three opens up with some brutal matchups. Check out the standings here.

#TailgateBracket: Fried Chicken vs. Wings

Choose your chicken wisely...

#TailgateBracket: Fried Fish vs. Fried Oysters

How you wantcha po'boy?

#TailgateBracket: Fried Shrimp vs. Fried Alligator

One of our few lower seeds to advance, versus one of the fried seafood greats.

#TailgateBracket: Boudin Balls vs. Hushpuppies

Our finest deep-fried tailgate offering against...fried cornbread. Again, where's the bad choice, really?

#TailgateBracket: Brisket vs. Hamburgers

The candy cut of beef versus the great blank canvas of grilling.

#TailgateBracket: Ribs vs. Brats

How do you like your meat smoked?

#TailgateBracket Pulled Pork v Chargrilled Oysters

A top seed versus one of the truly unique and rare delicacies of grilling.

#TailgateBracket: Boudin vs. Cochon de Lait

Do you prefer your pig whole or s

#TailgateBracket: Spin Dip vs. Stuffed Artichokes

Artichoke vs. Artichoke. Who has continue...

#TailgateBracket: Queso vs. Sausage Balls

Another classic Mexican condiment versus a party food staple that can be found anywhere.

#TailgateBracket: Guacamole vs. Salsa


#TailgateBracket: Stuffed Jalapenos vs. Zapp's

The ultimate in grilled apps against the finest kettle chip in Louisiana. Possibly on Earth. You decide.

#TailgateBRacket Gumbo vs Alligator Sauce Piquante

Which black pot dish moves on?


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